FO Showcase

Time to show off some more FO’s.

First, after languishing for a month, I have finished my tattoo kimono.  Made from Dream in Color Classy in Wisterious.  The 5 pieces of the kimono are all different colours, one noticably so.  My finishing on the neckline leaves something to be desired, but I’m quite proud of my seaming work, it is very neat.  My only mod was to finish the body pieces with a single crochet edging.

Dear Dream in Color, I love your Classy base yarn.  Please dye with dye lots so I don’t have to think about alternating skeins each row.

Anyway, here is my Tattoo Kimono! [ravelry link]  Even with the above exceptions, I love it.  It is warm and comfortable and just what I wanted to make.  Now awesome sister has to finish hers, seeing as how we were doing a kal.

2nd FO: Baby Booties

I’m still learning how to crochet but I think these came out very cute.  [ravelry link] [project page] (coming soon)

Baby Moccasin Booties in Leftover Cotton-ease.  I made the 3-6 month size.  I ran out of Taupe before the ‘tongue’ portion of the pattern so I used violet.  I think they still look awesome.

3rd FO: More Booties!

Awesome sister ‘commissioned’ me to make matching booties for the sweater she was knitting.  I had so much fun crocheting the first pair that I said yes. [ravelry link] [project page] (coming soon)

Little Button Loafers in Bernat Handicrafter Cotton. Using white as a contrasting color they came out very cute.  I again made the 3-6 month size, but these seem a bit bigger than the other pair (it might be the style).  They remind me of the shoes I used to put on my cabbage patch doll as a kid. (squee and oh so cute!).

Here is the set and a close up of the sweater. Awesome sister did, well, awesome on that sweater. [Ravelry Link]

I’m working, currently, on a pair of socks from HazelKnits Artisan Sock.  I’ve got one sock done and the toe of the 2nd.  It is for a SKA challenge, so I need to be finished by Nov 30.  then I have Christmas socks for Dad and lots of crochet xmas ornaments. 🙂  Busy busy.



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