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All these partial projects…

Throughout July I kept putting my wrist out, which made knitting (well anything) extremely uncomfortable.   As such, nothing has really gotten done!


Blanket: 32/220(ish)



Hitofude: 10/15 repeats for back/arms section




Definitely need to start working on keeping my wrist well.  I’m miserable when I’m not crafting.

I have some finished objects to share. :)


16 Cable Hat in Cascade Hollywood.  Cascade Hollywood has definitely surprised me.  Squishy superwash wool and lots of sparkle!  I’m not sure the hat suits me, but I enjoyed knitting it.

Finished these four small pieces for my MH Centaurs (love these dolls!)

frilly sleeveless top, shrug/cropped shirt, ballet wrap, tshirt. :)


Here is Katie being adorable.  She’s grown out her winter ruff.  Silly thing.

Here she is a couple of weeks before claiming her ball

important to say









This… is going to take awhile

I have two giant projects on the needles right now.

I finally decided on the blanket pattern I wanted to make with my archangel malabrigo.  The pathways blanket!

(remember that stuff)

Sadly the blanket needed a contrasting colour.  Happily WEBS was having their anniversary sale.

Blanket, just add time.

Over 4000 yards of yarn to make into little squares…..  How little?  my squares are turning out to be 4.5″ square.  I’d like to finish the blanket by January, but we’ll have to see how it goes.

Here’s the first 4 in a small pattern.

Putting them all together into an overall pattern is going to be fun. :)


My second big project is a fingering weight cardigan.  The Hitofude!

Working with knitpicks comfy fingering in the whisker colourway.  This is going slowly, but I think it will speed up when I get past the top yoke.

Here’s my progress so far (well I’m a bit further):


Additionally I’m going to have a special set of projects in July (which will put all my current projects in hibernation)

Le sigh… all these big plans!

Trying to finish up the last few things on my needles so I can focus a bit more on these projects.

Katie wants the dolls to stop taking over….


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